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Thursday, 7 November 2013

Love That Never Dies!

Look into my eyes - you'll see
What you mean to me.
Search your heart, search your soul
And when you find me there ...
And Sammy went on singing in our living room in front of the small gathering. It was 2 years into our marriage and more than 7 years into our relationship, but his singing still made me blush like a schoolgirl. It was our second marriage anniversary, the 5th of October 2013, and a few of our close friends and relatives came to our house to celebrate the special day and make our day even more special.

As Sammy started with the first notes of this song, my mind traveled back six years to the time when he had sung that song for the first time to me. It was past midnight... We had been talking for a long time on the phone now, but it still felt incomplete... Something was missing. No true lover can get enough of their partner ever, isn't it?

It so happened that one of his cousins had told me that he could sing pretty well, so I asked him to sing a song for me. He was so enthusiastic and began playing "Everything I do" (by Bryan Adams) on his synth and started to sing to me. That night was magical! When he started singing, his voice penetrated my heart and I felt as if his love for me touched my soul. Since that day my definition of 'favourite song' changed from "My heart will go on" to "Everything I do"; "Everything I do" sung by Sammy, not by Bryan Adams.

As time passed, I have heard Sammy sing many other songs but, nothing touched me more than that special one.

As students, we were very career-oriented youngsters full of energy and enthusiasm to do something good in life and get settled properly. We met when I was still in the last year of my school and he was in the second year of his college. We went on to finish our graduations and Sammy landed with a good job. We were thrilled and so were his parents. I went on to complete my Masters and after that, started teaching in a college.

Soon after that, Sammy's parents started looking for an eligible girl for him. My parents too, were anxious to find me a good husband. We finally gathered enough courage and told both our parents that we had already chosen each other. It was a bit of a surprise for our parents, but with a bit of time, coaxing and cajoling we went on to make our parents agree. We were overjoyed that both our parents agreed to our commitment. We represented two different communities in India, but this gesture of our parents told us that our parents and family were not fans of the so-called petty 'customs and taboos' regarding the caste and creed systems like many other Indians.

Since we came from two different communities, we had the privilege to get married twice at almost the same time in two different ways. Although that was tiring, we enjoyed it thoroughly.

Once we stepped into the married sphere, both Sammy and I got winded in busy work schedules but, we never neglected each other. We always take time out for each other. We would talk over phone or even video chat (when Sammy is out of station), or spend time together at night.

Looking back now, we are proud to say that it is not the big things that matter, but the li'l things. Small things like having a satisfying job (whether big or small), making each other feel special, caring for each other, supportive parents and family, and 'LOVE' for each other is all that is required to make a love story successful.

Just over a year into our marriage, we were blessed with a tiny bundle of joy; we were proud parents of a boy. People say that after marriage, the spark in a relation dies, but for us, it has grown every single day. Our child brought us even closer. We have observed our love for each other increase with each passing day. The little mushy things that we do in our otherwise workaholic and serious life bring us closer than ever before. Of course, sometimes misunderstandings and small fights happen. But even that has its own charms.

There is yet another aspect which brings out the true essence of love. Ours was a long distance relation since the beginning until we got married. Hence, our love had gone through the tests of patience, time and distance. Our love and faith has remained strong always.

Now, when I look back into the past, I keep wondering which day was the most special for us. The reality is every day is special in its own sense. But this time, our anniversary was something more than special. As Sammy was singing “Everything I do”, my mind was traversing the vast realms of our past starting from the time we first met till now… as soon as he finished singing, he made an announcement:
Darling, come here. I have a surprise in store for you!
I blushed at him calling me darling in front of everyone. As I went up to him, I felt the familiar throbbing in my heart. Even after all these years, going up to my beloved held a certain fascination to it. He took my hand, knelt down on one knee and took out the gold band on my ring finger. I thought it would be another diamond ring like he gifted me last year on our anniversary. But as he took out the new ring, everyone around us gasped! Even I was speechless. He quickly slid in a platinum ring on to my finger and kissed me. I couldn’t help but blush! I stood motionless... He had another ring meant for himself. I put it on to his finger. And then Sammy said…
Even after all these years, it still feels as if we had just met yesterday. This freshness to our relation is something unique and I never want to lose it. These new rings will always make us remember about this specialty. I feel like loving you more and more all the time. My love for you does not have an end. Here’s to you, my love!
And he kissed me on my cheek.

And that was, still is, and will always be ‘our’ Platinum Day of Love. Let every true lover out there be happy with their counterparts and celebrate love to their fullest.
You know you're in love when you can't fall asleep, because reality is finally better than your dreams; and then you can finally celebrate your Platinum Day of Love!

This post is written for the Platinum Day of Love contest on IndiBlogger.
5 The Amateur Counsellor: Love That Never Dies! Look into my eyes - you'll see What you mean to me. Search your heart, search your soul And when you find me there ... And Sam...
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