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Sunday, 11 August 2013

Go Nuts in Hawaii

It is just one night that makes your whole life worth it. Just one occasion that makes you feel like a queen or king. A single event which changes your life forever... of course, for the better. In fact, for the best!

Yes, it is marriage. A marriage to someone is not just about vowing to have a family together but, it is a bond of the mind, body and soul. And a perfect trip with one’s beloved is what all one could wish for. In this materialistic world today, it is true people are very career-oriented and ambitious but, deep down in their hearts they always crave for their perfect someone. Everyone needs someone who can make them whole and give a true meaning to their lives and a purpose to their existence. So what better place to go on a vacation with your better half than the French Polynesia and Hawaii. My dream trip would be as follows.

Paul Theorox rightly says:
Hawaii is not a state of mind but, a state of grace.
This journey is meant to make you fall for your beau all over again and fall in love with the places as well. Romance is best experienced in the midst of flawless Mother Nature. Nature celebrates your love and makes it even more special.

Hence, my husband and I planned a momentous trip to Hawaii. And believe me, it was elysium for us there! The blue seas, gorgeous landscape and the unique arrangements made it all the more worthwhile.
Isn't this just the best place ever to stay with your beloved?
Ravishing landscape
We passed our days by sunset watching, relaxing on the deserted white sands, going on jeep safaris on island tours. The rain forests and numerous streams are rejuvenating to the eyes. We did not even realize how the time passed and it was time for us to leave!
Magnificent Hawaii
"The Earth has music for those who listen." - George Santayana
Hawaii is indeed exclusive when it comes to climate and terrain. Whether you are in the romantic mood or in the adventurous one - Hawaii has it all stored up! From snow-capped mountains to black sand beaches and volcanic deserts to dense rain forests, Hawaii is surely something to be reckoned with.
"I love this place and could willingly waste my time in it." - William Shakespeare
The perfect sunset
We went for a tour across the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park.
The picture says it all...

In Hawaii Volcanoes National Park
A crater in the park
Coming back to the story, Tahiti and her islands along with Hawaii is the best deal anyone could bet on! And romance and natural beauty is not the end of the story. This trip provided us immense pleasure through water sports. The clear azure waters are perfect for scuba diving, kite surfing, yachting or just a glide on the blue waters. We were absolutely refreshed by outrigger canoeing, jet skiing, swimming, deep sea fishing, sailing, shark and ray feeding. The aquatic fauna will make you love the place even more.
Aqua Rendezvous
Secrets of the enchanting deep! No wonder Ariel had so much fun, eh?
Kite surfing
At leisure and enjoying Nature
Mother-of-pearl shell carvings, vanilla beans, monoi oils, black pearls, shell leis and coconut and tiare soaps are the highlights in Tahiti. And the pearls both in Tahiti and Hawaii are to die for! My husband gifted me an exquisite pearl ring.
Hawaiian people at work on pearls
The radiant ring!
No trip to a place is complete without tasting its local cuisine. And our trip was no different. We became total gluttons there. The food is just wonderful... Also, the tropical drinks, a Hawaiian culture, are delectable. It is not just the taste of the cuisine alone that caught our attention but, also the way it is presented.
La la la... food all the way!
A Hawaiian fruit dish
Tropical drinks unlimited!
I am sure each one of us had our fair share of fairy tales and the magic associated with them when we were children. Every story no matter how long or twisted or sad it is, all had one thing in common - an idyllic place where everyone lived and the magic that came with the place. I am of the view that the creators of such stories were inspired by Nature and her 'Magic'. It is the landscape and all the flora and fauna that make it magical. The purity of Nature was always portrayed in all the fairy tales. Don't you think readers that, such a trip to heavenly places is a fairy tale in itself? What more, you can experience the magic all around you on such a trip like we did! The graceful and dramatic landscape will enliven you...

Lastly, all I have to say is, "Hallelujah Nature! Hallelujah Love!!"


This entry is written for the "Creating Happy Travellers" contest conducted by Indiblogger and Yatra.com.
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Friday, 9 August 2013

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5 The Amateur Counsellor: August 2013 Coffee… Ah! The most precious memories of my life are associated with coffee. It was two years back. I was no less than a perfect nerd wit...
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