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Thursday, 6 June 2013

The bottle and the quarter

You got me the worst vodka ever!
My girlfriend told me, with a frown. She had finished a whole Romanov bottle, almost neat and apparently didn't feel even a little bit high! I don't drink, neither do I stay with people when they drink- this was the first time I had witnessed something like this. So there was no way I could have seen it coming.

It was ultimately my decision to allow her to drink the night before the journey. We had a train to catch at six the next morning and it was the cold month of January, which meant it would still be dark by the time we leave.

It started just after she went to sleep. I switched on my laptop to check if I had any important mail, when she pulled me closer. However, that hurt! Although she had long nails, she had never hurt me before. All she was saying is that she wanted my attention and couldn't let the laptop have it. I closed it nonetheless thinking it was time for me to sleep as well. I checked my watch. Ten minutes to midnight.

I got into the bed when it struck me. She held me close, but her nails were digging into my flesh- she was drunk, and had no idea what she was doing. I could see it in her eyes. Add to it the fact that her curly long hair was all messed up.

She touched her forehead with her finger and then made a circling motion indicating dizziness. I had no idea what to do then. All I knew was that I had to get her to drink a lot of water to avoid any strong headaches the next morning.

It's really hard to reason with someone who is completely drunk. And I realized it that night. She opened her mouth, pointed inside and kept uttering a word which meant 'dry' in her mother tongue.

I got her to lean on the woodwork of the bed to make her drink water, but she was highly disoriented. Every time I made her get up, unless I held her well, she would fall off- and then give a high pitched laugh.
I will remember all of this tomorrow morning and then feel shy!
She said that and smiled. Although, it has been months and she doesn't remember a thing. It is as if that night has been erased from her memory!

She made alternating sad and happy faces, with an occasional high pitched laugh, which made me literally go crazy. But I knew I had to go on. For a few more hours.

She was moving her arms randomly and I had to hold them to make sure she didn't hurt herself. Although once, partly due to my negligence, she did manage to spill a glass of water on her side of the bed. She still had enough willpower left to not let me sleep in the wet side of the bed under any circumstances. I put just enough newspapers there and then a new bed sheet on top of that to make sure she wouldn't fall sick at least.

Getting her to the washroom was tough as well. I had lifted her many times before, but she seemed heavier and intuitively so. I had to carry her to and fro for quite a few times before she regained enough mojo to go back to sleep.

When I switched off the lights  she looked at the dim light and said-
Light Emitting Diode. I learnt that in class X.
I ran my fingers through her hair and finally convinced her to go to sleep (although she kept on pointing to her forehead and doing the circling thing!) When she did finally fall asleep, it was 1:43 AM (I can never forget that time). I was in an awkward position but I didn't move in the fear of waking her up.

She finally woke up at three, still smelling of the vodka, but thankfully back in her senses. I hugged her so tight that I must have squeezed each molecule of air out of her alveoli. Finally, I could sleep; even if it was for a few hours- the most cherished few hours of sleep in my whole life.

Next day, on our journey back, I narrated her the whole thing in bits and pieces and made her promise she would never ever drink again. She obliged. That's how much she loves me.

I have pictures to prove my story, unfortunately, I can't really post them here!
5 The Amateur Counsellor: The bottle and the quarter You got me the worst vodka ever! My girlfriend told me, with a frown. She had finished a whole Romanov bottle, almost neat and apparently ...
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