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Saturday, 1 June 2013

Feast Grandiose

Everyone was more than satisfied! As the host, I was extremely happy that I did not disappoint my guests…

It was the month of May this year. My maternal grandfather and mother were both just discharged from the hospital. My grandfather was suffering from serious asthma problems and my mother was a victim of Hepatitis A. It was my brother’s birthday on 23rd May. After those gloomy days, it was necessary to organize a party in order to rejuvenate everyone’s mood. My brother, Leon was in high spirits; his friends and our relatives were already in the mood to celebrate his special day with him.

But the problem was this – my mother was extremely weak, hence, it was up to me to organize the huge party in just a week’s time, totally on my own. I was at a loss. I did not know how to arrange everything at such short notice. My cooking skills were good enough. But, it would not be possible for me to cook for such a large gathering with two sick people to look after. Moreover, my father had arranged for a “Vishnu” puja on the morning of 23rd. So, things were critical for me. I had to decide what to do and, fast. Then it struck me! I had loads of stuff which I ordered from Kitchens of India the week before…

I decided to host the party in our huge lawn at the front. With frosted lights and candles lighting up the entire area, it was indeed a sight to behold. This gave out a homely ambience with a touch of royalty. One arrival everyone was given a sash with our family name on it with the welcome drinks. It was decided that our own family members would sing and dance one at a time and entertain the gathering.

I went about organizing the menu next. On 23rd, I served Veg Cutlets with home-made drinks as starters which both my grandmothers made with their own hands (my grannies were very jubilant after my grandpa and mother got well). Then came the main course- Veg Hyderabadi Biryani, Mughlai Paneer, Mirch ka Salan, Murg Methi and Mutton Kolhapuri.

The guests were all praises for the food as well as the ambience. They thoroughly enjoyed the feast and ate to the health of my grandfather and mother. I served ice-cream as dessert. My brother thanked me for such a great feast.

I quietly prayed to God for helping me and, sending Kitchens of India as my Saviour!

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5 The Amateur Counsellor: Feast Grandiose Everyone was more than satisfied! As the host, I was extremely happy that I did not disappoint my guests…
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