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Wednesday, 29 May 2013

My Saviour

I have a record of headaches and dizziness. I have also fainted more than 10 times since childhood. Once when I was in the third standard, at a tender age of eight, I was hospitalized for a severe headache…
With the increasing pressure in studies, my parents and I thought this was just another stress-related problem. I had to wear glasses also. Hence, it was thought to contribute to my headaches too. When I was in Class VII, I passed out six times in just four months. Once when I was taken to the doctor for a check-up on the day I passed out, the doctor stated that had I not gained consciousness for a few seconds more that day, I would not have survived! That was a blow straight to the heart for my family and me as well. I had to go through a series of rigorous check-up procedures. They basically tested for migraine which was negative. So they came to the conclusion that my blood pressure had the tendency to dip suddenly and hence, the sudden headaches and dizziness.
I went about with my life… topped school and my region in the board examinations of Class X, fared quite well in Class XII. I am presently pursuing English Honors from Delhi University. It so happened that one day, I passed out during a lecture after an extremely painful headache caught hold of me. I was given glucose drinks, lots of water, painkillers to kill the headache and I was back to normal in a few hours. But these headaches and dizziness did not stop. It went on – proving to be my greatest drawback in my career!
Recently, I stumbled across My Healthy Speak Blog. I was going through the posts there and in every post, there was one thing in common – the advice to take health issues seriously, no matter how minor the matter might seem. It was an eye-opener for me. I asked my doctor to make me go through a thorough health check-up. 

Ultimately, the problem of my headache and dizziness was nailed. It was Vertigo – a not so uncommon health condition which usually develops with age. Thus, I was saved! It is a subtype of dizziness, usually associated with nausea, vomiting and unsteadiness while standing. However, it is the cause that differentiates it from other types of dizziness- it is caused by issues with the inner ear.

I am currently under medication and hope to get well soon.
Had it not been for My Healthy Speak Blog, I would still have been suffering.

This is posted under the contest "The moral of the story is ...!" by IndiBlogger. Have a look at My Healthy Speak Blog!
5 The Amateur Counsellor: May 2013 I have a record of headaches and dizziness. I have also fainted more than 10 times since childhood. Once when I was in the third standard...
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