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Saturday, 30 March 2013

The Braided Days

It has taken a lot of courage for me to write this post. What you are about to read at the end is really stupid but true...

The friends for life
My bleak childhood does have some sweet memories attached to it. It was a time when I was just five. Being the last year in that school, our parents organised a four-day long trip to Dimapur, a beautiful place in Nagaland, with a few close friends. We stayed with at my friend's place, as her mother was from Nagaland.

We had breakfast and woke up in the evening as we were tired after the overnight journey; especially us- the little ones. When we woke up, we found out that our parents had gone shopping leaving us in the car. So we started playing doctor-nurse-patient- a game really popular among kids. We made granny the patient, and I was the nurse. The one who was the doctor was kind of my best pal. So being his assistant was inevitable and it felt important too at that time!

By the time we were halfway through operating granny, our parents returned and we rushed into their open arms. We got beautiful outfits; socks for the small guy and hair-clips for the small girls. We were ecstatic after this gift ritual, so much so that, we started playing house!

The Kachari remains of Dimapur
The next day we went to a riverside. It was a breathtaking view! It was a braided river(technically, it's something geologists call Anabranching, but it resembled by braids...) We all bathed in the crystal clear river water. That is perhaps the time I felt pure water and pristine nature.

Now it so happened that this little guy (let's call him Chubby) who was kind of my best pal and I were done early. So we were sitting on the huge rocks at the bank of the river(I swear he's gonna kill me for writing this!) He had two watches on his wrist. It was funny; but he looked really cute now that I think of it, especially with his chubby look. However, he didn't know how to tell the time, and got up to go ask his dad about the same. Unfortunately, Chubby fell down on pebbles after a few steps. He was pretty embarrassed and he started crying (in fact, it was more like howling.) Finally, hid father came and hushed him up.

The next day, we were left with granny again, as our parents decided to go for shopping (yet again). Granny had to make lunch for everyone. So she asked us to play like good children as she left us alone in a room.

We children thought of playing a wild game; and named it tiger-tiger. Chubby was the tiger. I was an innocent child, two of my friends became my parents and the fourth became my lil' sister. Our house was supposed in a jungle. My father was away working and my mother was washing clothes in our backyard. My lil' sister was playing with her doll near my mother and I was sleeping. It was a strategic moment in our game as that is when the tiger(Chubby) would come and bite me.

Something else happened. Chubby took the game a little too seriously. Instead of a (mock) bite, he literally bit me hard on my butt! I screamed so loudly, everyone came running. Chubby got scared by my scream and was about to burst into tears thinking he hurt me. Well, he did hurt me, but nothing that I couldn't bear. I was actually embarrassed more than hurt. Ironically, everyone ended up consoling him rather than me! A rather embarrassingly beautiful end to a trip of those braided days.

It been over thirteen years now since that incident. We had no choice but to live with the embarrassment with the rest of our lives. We are teased by our friends even now. But somewhere down the line, we all cherish this memory a lot. It is very close to our hearts; as we are such good friends! And all the time we five spend together are worth it.

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5 The Amateur Counsellor: The Braided Days It has taken a lot of courage for me to write this post. What you are about to read at the end is really stupid but true...
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