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Tuesday, 15 January 2013

An Angel Saviour

There was a couple who had an 'arranged' marriage(You know? Indians).

Soon after they realized they were not compatible and it would take years for them to understand each other. She would always fight(verbally) with her husband for no fault of his! Whenever she was tired, she would pick up a fight with him and would blame him for her tiredness. She expected him to help her in the kitchen. But he was not a person who was sensitive to his wife’s wishes. She, in turn, would be always ill-treated by him. It was not that he did not love her; he “just” considered her a subordinate; one who had to depend on him, listen to him, take his permission on everything… In short- she had to live life according to him. She was not allowed to do anything without his consent. As she respected him a lot, she agreed to such inhumane demands. She would always work from early morning till late at night without rest. It was even more stressful for her as she also had a job. But one would hardly hear her complain. Her elder daughter was always by her side; she started sharing all her grief with her daughter by the time her daughter was 8-9 years old. She also had a younger son who turned out to be extremely demanding, ill-mannered and unfeeling as he grew up. Everything was going “almost well” in her family until one fateful day when her husband asked her to end all her relations with her parents! She broke into tears and defied his wishes. In anger, he kept on shouting at her, abused her, threatened her with divorce. Until now, she would abide by his wishes; now, she started fighting in return… As they got entangled more and more in such fights, they started neglecting their children. And their children had to suffer when they were angry. They were beaten up, scolded and their social interaction was minimized. They did not see how much it pained the children to see them fight. Their daughter always ended up as a negotiator between them; often ending up with bruises and cuts as she tried to stop them fighting. At the age of 5, she first saw them fight like maniacs with weapons (of mass destruction, WMDs) in their hands! Since then, her aim has been to remove all differences between them. The daughter would tell her brother that he should be strong-willed and not avoid their fights. Since she would be going away to a different state to attend college soon, she tried to make her brother understand their parents’ situation and make him handle issues like she did. But, it was in vain. Since they were seldom allowed to watch TV, browse the net, pursue their talents- he became revolting. He would not listen to anyone but his sister. He grew oblivious to his parents. They were just his means of survival.

The parents never realized how their fights affected their children. They never saw that they were failing to bring-up their son in the best way possible. The daughter, though surrounded by such deep problems, grew up to be a kind and loving human being. She was the only reason their family was still together. Her family is together because of her patience to hear out her mother and then her father and tell them where they are wrong. She would make them understand their mistakes. Until the time she was at home, she managed to make the days smooth enough. Often she would be beaten up or scolded by either her mother or her father when they were angry. She would be used as an object on which they let their anger out. She never complained and bore everything silently; because she knew they would live in harmony if they are not angry. Things started going upside down once she went away to college. Even though her brother promised to handle everything like she did, he could not keep up his promise. Instead he started being indifferent to his parents. He never cared about their fights or their consequences. His only solace was his sister. She would cry a lot when she was away for college whenever she would hear about their fights or hear her brother talk like a robot. He would brief her about their parents fights daily and also tell her how badly they treated him. Her heart was broken. Whenever she was at home from college, most of her time would be wasted in solving her parents issues and asking them to let her brother pursue his talents and be good parents to him. She gave up her talents long ago for the sake of her parents.

“Dear readers, this story may seem unreal after you read it. But believe me…I am still giving tips to that angel daughter on how to keep her family together. She manages to hold them together no matter what. Many times, as soon as things start sailing smoothly for a while, a storm comes up again in their lives. And the little angel girl goes about amending things. Do like this story after reading, share your views and pray for that angel girl and her family.
5 The Amateur Counsellor: An Angel Saviour There was a couple who had an ' arranged ' marriage(You know? Indians).
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