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Sunday, 16 December 2012

Confessions of the Shy Soul #2- Date Número Uno

Here is the continuation of the earlier post, which can be found here.

My second longest meal. And believe me, it was painful as well. You can find what my longest meal was by reading the previous post. Coming back to this day, everyone else in my family seemed to enjoy the food this restaurant had to provide. It was a good looking buffet, but the only thing that inspired me was the vanilla ice cream at the end(I took at least five scoops of that). And why not, we were paying over five hundred bucks per head for that meal. I agree I might be exaggerating a bit, but I believe that was the reason I vowed never to visit this 'Indian styled jungle themed' restaurant again.

The events that followed made me write this blog. It was the longest meal not because I didn't like the food, it was because I was to meet someone after that. But then, family comes first, and hence, I had to accompany them to the place which I am tired of mentioning. This was just three days after I had developed the guts to do something; something brave.

I was about to leave for my college in two more days, and that was the last chance to meet her. However, there was a catch. She was to be accompanied by two of her friends. Well, that was certainly not exciting. But believe me, whenever you think that things can't worse, they just do. After a string of events, it was finalised that her brother would be accompanying her in exchange for one of her friends.

It's complicated. Her brother had no idea about "us", but the other friend of her indeed did. They were scheduled to arrive at about 4, and a quick glance at my watch told me that an excruciating two hour wait was to follow. True I had my iPod with me, but there is a point when you start to feel no song is as sweet as the voice of a certain someone that you yearn for.

During that wait at the first floor of a certain mall frequented by couples, I recognised a bunch of people from the place I spent my childhood. This was probably the first time I had seen them in years. This guy worked directly under my dad, with an adjacent room and very good relations with our family. I was taken back in time and how people change. I wondered if I should go and meet them, but shrugged the thought away. There were far more important things to be accomplished. A whistle brought me back to reality and I noticed the guard shooing off the lovebirds who were occupying the stairs.

A text that I soon received said, 'Wt colour r u wearing??:p. . . ' It was definitely from you-know-who. I smiled, maybe giggled a bit as well. I looked down at my T-shirt, which had stripes of white and God knows what colour, probably purple. I thought if I should take a picture and reply with the HTML colour code, but eventually gave up the idea thinking it would seem too geeky. A simple reply followed, 'I won't tell you. Find me ;)'

'M here:p getting down frm d car. . . Will u come down 2 ground floor??' came a text.
'You're late :P and No. I'm more of an observer :P' was my reply.

When you don't meet someone for a long time, and you build 'em up in your head, a thought generally occurs- Can she be so pretty? Well, it turns out she was!

Over the years, this part will be narrated differently by the two of us. According to her, she caught a glance and 'felt' where I was, but this is my version. I had already seen her get down from her car. But I was at such a tactically strong position that I could not be tracked. As she entered, I kept a look on her, but I was positive that she could not see me. I could see her (and her two apparent bodyguards) searching frantically for me, but I did enough to escape their sight and enjoy the moment quietly. Although I looked like just 'Any Guy', I surely felt like I was on a mission in Call of Duty, involving tracking a 'package' using stealth.

The story after that point is pretty obvious: the nervousness, the nervousness and the nervousness, and finally, a Three Cheers Chocolate from Baskin Robbins... Oh, and the 'Brilliant YG files'.
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