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Friday, 2 November 2012

Some Pages From The Counsellor's Life- Part 2

Part 1 of this post can be found here.

Here goes another page from my diary:


And finally, I did get somewhere- and more importantly- somewhere I wanted. I got English Honors in Motilal Nehru College in DU South Campus. I have something finally in my grasp now. Tomorrow, I would finally be admitted to Motilal Nehru College… Now, my parents might have aspired for the North Campus Colleges, but I know that if God wanted me to study English, He would keep me in Motilal Nehru College itself. I believe I know the real meaning of destiny, fate. It’s all about destiny in one’s life. It’s what we were supposed to do… whatever subject I get, I know I will have to put my 100%. God has always planned things differently for me. It has never been straight forward. I always had to struggle and prove my worth through hard work, thus gaining a lot of support, loyalty and respect from all those everyone around me! That is perhaps, the best feeling one can have!

I have always welcomed all the challenges in my life so far. And I won’t give up this time so easily. Even though this has been, and will definitely be the hardest challenge I have faced till now – this is a fight to get recognition again in a different city and college, like I had to once before in my hometown, Guwahati!

Now I am waiting, hoping (again finally) and looking forward to hard work and perspiration again – my part and parcel of life! I just hope I can make all my well wishers proud again! I would never have been able to get through this void all alone. I was astounded by the support I got! I now realize my value and the innumerable hearts I have touched; the blessings I have got… Just now two of my bffs called and informed me they got into Hindu and LSR. I know I should be jealous and maybe crying right now, but strangely there is this different feeling which is enveloping me; which is telling me that I will be more successful than them in the long run through hard work and perseverance. My inner voice is finally back! And I trust it completely. It has never been wrong! Ever! I smell hard work. And I am looking forward to it. Maybe I am the only student who loves working hard in studies! Weird, right?"

Now my first semester exams are knocking at the door... And I am looking forward to them. I believe in God an that He will always guide me! My parents, teachers and some of my family members think I’ll be very successful in humanities stream, and I must say I was overwhelmed by their support! I never thought they would support me so much at such a painful juncture of my life. I am extremely lucky to be surrounded by people who love me unconditionally… My mother finally told me a secret. She dreamt of me taking up English when she used to see me write so well and read books so much. Even my father says he believes I am meant for English. My aunt, my brothers also think the same. All I can say now is that I never dreamt or thought that I would end up with English. And I would not have, had my CBSE results been a bit better. As I say – God plans everything in a different way for me!
5 The Amateur Counsellor: Some Pages From The Counsellor's Life- Part 2 Part 1 of this post can be found here . Here goes another page from my diary: "26.06.2012
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