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Thursday, 15 November 2012

Confessions of an Egotist #2

This is the continuation to the earlier post.

Part 1 can be found here.

The love life of Jason Andrews continues.

#6 The girl who broke my heart:
Confession time: She might be the only girl I've ever loved. I.. I.. don't know. We've known each other for nearly a decade and half. We share the same birthday, goddamn it! We share a perfect compatibility. She is beautiful. I never realised that I liked her. However, by the end of 11th, this changed. While I hesitated to call her, I used to enter her number, then cleared it, I tried and tried a hell lot of it to muster enough courage to tell her about my feelings. But, I never could. Okay, enough with the mush, cut to December, the farewell party. We went in together. D had been trying to set her up with E, another retard (no he isn't a retard actually, one good fella he is). And, then they danced! While, I was umm... UPSET maybe! (Anyway, I tried to distract myself, I ate! I ate a lot!) Now, while we were returning, she told me that she did not want to dance with E. In turn I told her that A and B had been teasing me about the dance. Then, she asked me "Why? Do you have feelings for me?". And what followed next was utter STUPIDITY! (No! that would just be an understatement!) I said, "No... I mean yes.. Arre.. how does it even matter even if I did, we're graduating from the school in less than 4 months!" Missed a good opportunity (sigh). Anyway, I confessed about my love for her a month later. And welcome to "FRIENDZONED-101". Anyway, I wasn't actually friendzoned, but she said "I don't know, what does the future hold for us". I said, "I'll wait" (See? Total ass!) Enter F, my rival for her love. F and I had an year long rivalry. Though the girl might drop a hint here and a hint there. ultimately, I received the most unforgettable birthday present ever. She told me that F had proposed to her, on her (our) birthday. And, she couldn't refuse him. And that single event, yes that single event I don't wanna talk about to anyone ever! Heartbroken, I tried to forget her, as DESPERATE as ever, I wanted to HOOK UP with any girl! I ceased to talk with her. We did not talk for a month. Then, we went back to talking terms. She told me, that she wasn't very happy with her relationship. That F loved her and so did she, but they did not share a compatibility as good as us, and how much F envied me for this. She told me about how possessive F was. I decided to stop talking to her again, this time for good. Anyway, we would talk again in the coming months. She'd break up with F. I still love her, I think maybe I always will, but I have learnt that I should move on. I called her yesterday we had a 2 hour long conversation. We laughed together. We shared the mundane ongoings in our lives. It felt good. Only, if I could tell that nothing has changed, I still hesitate a million times before calling her. And the butterflies! Those butterflies in my stomach. If I could tell her that I still love her. Also I know that she knows.

#7, 8 & 9:
#7 was a classmate of one of my friend's at his college. He introduced us on facebook. We chatted for sometime, until I realised that she wasn't my kind. I've been ignoring her since, and lately she's been doing (or rather trying to do) the same with me. Flash Fact: She's the prettiest girl on the list!

#8 has been juggling her roles. Started off with being the bubbly cousin of my crush to a good friend to THE best friend and a confidant to the point we liked each other. But, you know if we ever got into a relationship, it would have been plainly inappropriate. We stopped talking. It was quite abrupt. I call her sometimes, we are good friends still. Flash Fact: She's the sharpest of the lot!

#9 was a classmate from school, I flirted with her, then like some jerk, I started ignoring her. We don't talk. I guess it's better for both of us. 

#10. The (EX) girlfriend:
Finally, I got myself a girlfriend at my own college. She wasn't the easiest of the lot. It took nearly 4-5 months to get into a relationship. A relationship which started off on a very good note, until I had some realisations. I couldn't think of a way out. I did not want to break her heart. For the first time I truly empathized with the girl I truly love. Anyway, I'll skip the details, they weren't very nice. And *poof* I'm single again. Only this time, I want to keep it that way until I find myself a good job and am ready to settle down.

That was all. I hope you enjoyed my little (okay a little longer) story. Also, I want you to answer me: "Am I a male chauvinistic pig?" I don't know, but I feel that way sometimes. I feel guilty for unknown reasons. And, given the perennial weirdness associated with my life, I guess I am myself surprised to retain a portion of my sanity.
5 The Amateur Counsellor: Confessions of an Egotist #2 This is the continuation to the earlier post. Part 1 can be found here . The love life of Jason Andrews continues.
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