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Thursday, 15 November 2012

Confessions of an Egotist #1

Here goes a story that a stranger shared with me

There are things I haven't told to anyone, but I want to get them off my chest, and confessing them in front of a total stranger is a perfect opportunity to do so. To begin with, let me introduce myself a bit. I'm a guy in my early 20s. An engineering student at a college in North India. I've been a topper nearly throughout my life, in school and then in the college. Both my parents are very educated and wanted me to exceed them in studies. So, there was this pressure from my parents' side to top every class and every bloody exam.

(Un)fortunately, I did. I excelled in studies back in school, but there was a negativity from my peers towards me. Maybe, they never liked me and I guess my arrogance is to blame too. This was some 7-8 years ago. Now, what I am going to actually confess about is my love life, precisely the number of girls, I have dated, I have had a crush on and some others too. Picture a guy, not so tall, fair complexion and a little plump (and really shabby hair). I am in the eighth standard, with a very limited friend circle, confined to hardly umm.. 5-6 people. I am good at studies and equally callous and arrogant (not the most popular guy in school by miles. No make that light years actually) Explains, the limited number of friends, I presume. Of the 5-6 of my "Chaddhi-buddies", 3 are total jerks (I hate them now. No I just pity myself, but that's a confession for some other time). Let's name them A, B and C. A is (was) a shy guy, B the rich spoiled brat and C the idiot. These 3 went on the same bus as me. Then, on the same bus was the first girl on the list. Oh... yeah, the list! Here you go:

#1. The Dumb Blonde:
The blonde, was a senior at school. 2 years elder than me. Unarguably, one of the hottest girls in my school at that point of time. She had a boyfriend! A dumb one, the kind of guy who drinks more protein shakes than water, with larger biceps than his brain maybe. Now, how/why did I have a crush on her? Isn't it obvious? She was hot! But, the main reason I fell for her was that A, B and C constantly teased me with her name. The teasing ACTUALLY made me fall for her! And, I hate those 3 for this (and some more) reason(s). The next 3 years including the 8th standard, I was "head over heels" for her. Man, I can't believe, I was SO DESPERATE! So, I struck a friendship with her. It was kinda symbiotic relationship (I was her lapdog). I used to secure the best seats for her in the bus, run errands for her and gift her chocolates and she used to.. umm.. She used to.. (Well, leave it she did use to do something or the other for me, maybe). B was a total prick (he still is). Him and that "Gym-bo" they had some (gay) Punjabi bonding and while he would tease me with the blonde's name, he would also tell Gym-bo about my teeny weeny crush, and there was a time he nearly got me thrashed! Anyway, I was like totally crazy I would walk to the Blonde's street to pass-by her house hoping to catch a glimpse of her. (Man! I can't believe I just told you that!) Some, 137 chocolates later, she graduated from the school, I have not heard from her since. I only met her once that was last December, it was our school's reunion. I couldn't take my eyes off her, maybe because I felt a hole burning inside my pocket! So much for the Dumb Blonde!

#2, 3 & 4. 3 girls in 3 different coachings:
Back in 10th, I went to a crappy coaching along A & B. A had a girlfriend. (Some lucky bastard he was, used to 3-time girls at the same time) Meanwhile, B was his Pricky self. There was this girl in the coaching: X she was a friend of A's girlfriend. Those 2 tried to set us up, but those were the Blonde days of my life. Eventually, I've heard that X did not have a very good temper and she has flung abuses at me many a times, behind my back. I have never heard of her since (and don't want to).

Then, I went to a coaching, to prepare for the IITJEE. That was 11th. This time round, there was this newer girl: Y in the same batch, she was cute. Aaaand, she actually showed some interest in me. She even bought me chocolates on HER BIRTHDAY! That was the first time I actually interacted with her!  Over time she even offered to buy a cold drink and an ice cream on different occasions. Some INDEPENDENT WOMEN she was! But, maybe she was too DUMB! She left the coaching anyway. Last time I heard, she was in some college in Noida, although I have some gossip about her, but I find it a little inappropriate to share about her.

Moving on to Z, the 3rd girl. I had to find a newer coaching in 12th. (the last one I went to was forced shut down) Z was huge! Too tall for an Indian female: 5'7" or 5'8" to be precise (okay not so precise). I don't know, but that girl tried to find newer ways to force an interaction (or maybe I'm presuming too much). But, those days I had a crush again, to which I'll come back while we further traverse down the list. I never liked the Z girl, she was involved with one of the instructors at the institute, which was followed by a scandal, leading to the administration sacking off that guy. To be frank I was scared of her. I feared her, I did not want to tarnish my reputation, or my parents'.   

#5 The girl with a Roman nose: 
Back in class 10th we had, a photograph clicked of us with all the classmates and the class teacher for the School Magazine. And, ohh BTW I had grown taller and a bit smarter by then. (What? I did!) Class 11th: Meet D, another jerk the self proclaimed stud back then, another rich spoiled brat. He came to me, told me about a "friend of his younger brother's some friend". She had seen my photograph from the previous year in the School Magazine. Aaaand she wanted to HOOK UP with me! And, you know what? I was a total ass then! I gave away my phone no. She contacted me, sometime in the late hours. We had a looooooooong conversation. This went on for the whole next week, until I asked her to meet me in person. And, hence my first ever date was fixed. I had enrolled for the FIITJEE All India Test Series. I was to meet her sometime during the break between the 2 papers. I dressed up in the best clothes I could. She called me, saying that she'd come on her scooty and then we'll have fun. Fine, I waited for her, I saw her recognized her the instant I saw her. I don't know but I felt like going back. Only, that if I hadn't been such a DESPO back then. She waved her hand, I overlooked her. She called on my phone. I picked it up and then I had to leave with her (sigh). The next hour, I was introduced to every alpha, beta and gamma she knew there. I swear the way they were looking at me, as if I were some sacrificial lamb to some pagan Goddess with a Roman nose! I excused for myself and ran away. Went back home, and discarded my SIM, bought a new one! Last I heard she had a boyfriend at some college in NCR. 

Wait! This is not over yet. For the next part, click here.
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