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Wednesday, 14 November 2012

A Dark Secret

Do you know how it feels to hear your father say to tell you, "I will kill you if necessary!"? Or how it feels to be beaten up so badly by your mother that your night-suit is torn to pieces? How it feels when your parents ask you to stop painting, playing badminton and the violin because if your result is affected, they wont have anything to show-off about?... Oh, the list can go on!

This is a story of a girl who had a sad childhood, yet she learnt to keep smiling always and take upon life as a challenge...

Once she entered the temple premises in her home when she was having menstruation (In Hindu religion, it is considered a sin to enter temple grounds when girls or women go through that.) She forgot that she wasn't supposed to do that. She realized immediately, came out and told her parents what happened. Her father gave her a hard slap saying she had made the house unholy. Her mother said she would clean everything and it would be fine, to which her father replied, "I will kill you if necessary!" to his own daughter to restore the purity of his home by making it "holy".

She was beaten up regularly since she started going to school for no apparent reason. She would be beaten up by her mother if she could not wake up at 6:00 AM in the morning to study or if she said she did not feel like studying at 1:00 a.m. at night. Her father would beat her up if she asked for an hour to watch some cartoon on TV. She would only an hour each on weekends for TV. If she tried to watch TV on any other day, she would be slapped numerous times by her father so badly that, she would suffer from headaches for a week! Her mother would beat her up with a big stick; or would throw her down from her chair, sit down on her and beat her up so bad that she had body aches for days together. Her mother would catch hold of her hair and shake her so mercilessly that her floor in her room would be covered in hair. Her head would be swollen from time to time because of regular thrashing sessions from her parents. She would be beaten up if she wanted to join in any events in her school, be it sports, music competitions, extempore and many more. Some of her friends would make fun of her plight by saying things like- "You are not the real daughter of your parents. That is why they despise you!" She was about to give up music too. But she gives credit to the one she loves for making her continue with music. The love of her life, her soul mate. She says she has started with painting and sketching again for his sake(without her parents knowing of course!) because he wants her to. He cares unconditionally for her- meets her every week(even though he lives in a different city, a different state), gives her teddy bears, makes her eat on time, does not let her shed tears, and the list goes on...

She never had a teddy bear(or any girly toys) for herself. The toys that people gave her on her birthdays would be kept away in a wardrobe. Her father would tell her that he wanted her to be a robot devoid of feelings, as according to him, a heartless human can go a long way in life. She was brought up like a machine. But maybe it was God's grace that the innocent heart in her survived! She knows how to love people. She is perhaps the complete opposite to her parents!

She said she gave up painting when she was in her seventh standard, although it is an amazing talent in her! (she would get offers for co-hosting exhibitions at such a tender age) She gave up swimming (she was selected for district-level competitions just a month after she joined swimming class) a year later and badminton (was selected for state level competitions directly by the state team coach) in her tenth standard. She gave up her interests for the sake of her parents happiness. She told me, "I can never hurt my parents because I love them. No matter how bad they hurt me!"

I am really fortunate to meet someone like her. I met her in college. I salute her courage to face such hideous, inhumane parents! God forbid someone have parents like that!
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