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Saturday, 27 October 2012

The Unforgettable

Disclaimer: Based on true events. Names have been changed to protect the identities.

I met her when she changed schools five years ago; she was my junior. We had the same bus route on our way home. She took a great liking to me from the first day itself; even asking if I will be her sister(you know, the issue with Indian kids- they prefer to be 'siblings' rahter than friends...) I agreed and we became good friends. She would share every single detail about her life- right from her crushes to her relations and break-ups.

All was gay in her life until Avani reached class 11. She fell deeply in love with a guy from my class(yeah, fifteen year olds falling deeply in love is pretty common nowadays), a year elder to her and got committed. Little did she know that he was (and is) a total scallywag! He would flirt with girls even he was apparently in a "serious" relationship with Avani. Manik was triple timing her. Once she knew about his infidelities, all hell broke lose in her life. She had regular fights with him; he on the other hand could never stop making out with other girls even when he said he was "happy" with Avani and loved her a lot! Since she was very close to me, I was always the first to know about his antics. It really saddened me to see her so broken every single time. She asked me for help. On the other hand, Manik, too, asked me for help. I talked to them both- asked Avani to think if she wants to continue with the relation and told Manik to have some shame and stop seeing other girls if he was actually happy with Avani. After a lot of convincing and drying-my-throat counselling, they finally realized how much they loved each other(or, at least, that is what I could see). Things went on smoothly for a week or so until Manik started dating a girl who was three years his junior. They had a big fight. But none of them wanted their relation to end. So I ended making them both realise that they needed to respect each other and understand one another perfectly. Things were smooth for some days until Manik did one of his antics again and Avani was beating Manik up for the same! I had to come into the picture yet again... This went on for like a zillion times until I passed out.

Manik called me one day and informed they had finally broken up. He went on to give a personal comment about my life too which I prefer not going into details here (I actually wanted to burn him alive for that). I did not hear from either for almost three months until yesterday might... Avani messaged me saying she was totally depressed and did not know what to do. She told me she had given up singing- for all I knew, she could sing astonishingly well- and did not care about life anymore, turning away from all sorts of emotions. In short, that pervert had completely messed her up. Manik did not even allow her to change her Facebook password.

I immediately tried to boost her self-confidence; was halfway through before she told me something so horrifying that I had to stop talking for some minutes and take control of my emotions myself!
This is what Avani said(and I quote):

Eh you know right? He broke up with me for like 45 times or so without any reason, had affairs with other girls and all that crap. After that I needed a break after my class 11 results were given out, but we patched up again soon. In the mean while my cousin sis came to stay with us and I messaged him from her number saying I was Gargi (whom Manik was dating some days ago before this incident). He told me thinking I was Gargi that he was kinda single. That was the last straw. I broke up with him outta anger. Then I got this proposal from a guy who was my longtime friend. I did not accept his proposal because I still  loved Manik  But I sent an acceptance message from my fb profile just to make Manik jealous and realise his mistake and come back to me. Although later that very night I told my friend I did not mean it and also told Manik I was just trying to make him realise. Then he broke up with me Forever! He proposed Jyoti(one of Manik s friends) that same night and got committed. The following day he came to my place at 10 a.m., said he was sorry and that he was back in my life... He f*cked me and as he was f*cking me he told me that he loved Jyoti a lot and God knows what will happen if she gets to know about what he is doing!
He is a monster sis! help me ;(

I am sure readers that by now even you all are bewildered! I am putting the rest of the story in dialogue form so that it is easier for everyone to follow and understand:

Me: Listen, sis! I know it feels horrible. God will punish that pervert. He will suffer... Don't worry. And he did not deserve an angel like u!

Avani: And yet, I can't forget him!

Me: He is an asshole. just throw him out of your life completely. It is time you take control of your life; you are not so weak!

(She is not hysteric anymore, and finally asks me what I was waiting for)

Avani: What do I do?

Me: See, I know that may be the worst thing that has ever happened to u. I know it hurts. But ask yourself. Do you wanna give up your happiness in life for some immature b*st*rd? Are you so weak?

Avani: I just have no idea as to how to end this sh*t!

Me: I am back in your life, sis! No one can harm you now. I will help you get over the mess... You should NOT let him feel powerful at any cost. Start dating guys. Go out with your girlfriends. Show him you don't even care about him anymore!
I know its hard BUT I also know God gave you enough will power to overcome this. Do you get it dear?
Remember! I will always be by your side.

Avani: Okay... But then I really cant like any guy now. I feel all guys are liars...

Me: Don't get serious with any guy, love... Just hang out with them. Show HIM you don't give a damn!
One day you will find your true love who deserves you angel...

Avani: Okay I will do that!

Me: If you feel sad anytime while doing this just think of me and what I said. And remember! You have to go on with it. Don't back out. You have nothing to lose... Just because he doesn't deserve you!

Avani: Do you think he will realise his mistake then? And I feel I can't forget him and the fact how much I loved him...

Me: One day you will get his poison out of you dear... Because your true love will give you so much live, you would not have any time to regret.
And that b*st*rd will realise that when he will see you happy. Let him feel jealous but DO NOT go back to him at any cost! And trust me... When he sees you with your true love, it will be worse than hell for him.
I am ALWAYS with u!

Avani: Oh I wish you were here...

Me: I am always there beside you, sis. Just close your eyes and think of me. I am always there in your heart...
And go to sleep now, girl. You have nothing to worry or think about now. Good Night... Take care. Sweet dreams.
And remember! No matter what, you are NEVER alone. I am with you!

Avani: Thanks, sis. Good Night. You take care too! Sweet dreams. Love u!
(In the morning I got the first message from her and she seemed relieved! As if a great load was off her...)

Avani: Morning sis! Have a wonderful day ahead!!

Me: Thanks... Good Morning. So all prepared for enjoying life again?

Avani: Yeah! Waiting for an opportunity to have a fresh start.

Me: I am proud of you girl! That's my sis! Its time you create opportunities yourself... Go out shopping today with your girlfriends and take a lot of pictures. I should see you smiling in those pictures!

Avani: Thanks sis! I will click a lotta pics with them.

Me: Yeah love! That's the way to go...
(I hope my boyfriend is not jealous reading this)

Avani: And I will start checking out guys too! Although I can't be serious.

Me: Way to go girl! And keep up your studies and music along with these things. Make your life very enjoyable again so that thoughts of useless people do not cross your mind.

Avani: But Manik keeps calling me and says all sorts of things to make me unhappy! ;(

Me: Stop answering his calls... Just send him a message saying you are very busy these days. Make him feel he is not a person to be waited for!
And change your fb password tonight...

(After two hours or so... )
Avani: Changed my password!! :)

Me: Awesome dear!

Avani: You know? It feels great now!

Me: I am proud of you...

Avani: I am glad you are proud of me!Babes... You are the best thing in my life! I love you, sis.

Me: (I laugh and reply) Okay sis! Enough flattering... Go out and enjoy!

And that is the story of Avani.

P.S. Wanna pen down your thoughts on Manik- go ahead, do so in the comments! 
5 The Amateur Counsellor: The Unforgettable Disclaimer: Based on true events. Names have been changed to protect the identities. I met her when she changed schools five years ago;...
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